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Education is essential to Memorable Celebrations!

I had the pleasure to joined over 300 Balloon Artist from around the world, to built, network, and celebrate being part of the Balloon industry at Ballooniversity.

Oh what a time we had! All while learning and building for the future.

This convention came at the perfect time as I entered into my 16th year as a Balloon Artist (August 15) which began at Ballooniversity. Continual education is important to the growth of my business and your celebrations. The more knowledge I have about balloons and balloon decor, the better I can serve you. My joy is to bring you memorable celebrations and that is found in the details. Attending conventions, workshop, and classes ensures that I am familiar with the latest design styles and skilled to provide them. It is a delight to participate in these learning opportunities and bring you the very best in Balloon Artistry.

One of the highlights of this convention was participation in a large balloon build using over a 100,000 balloons to create an out of this world display for the Gala Night finale.

Over 400,000 balloon were used in the designs throughout the convention center, which was opened to the public at the end of the festivities. 4000 guest were welcomed at the Balloon Showcase and $12,000 was raised for local charity.

It was a memorable experience and my honor to return with more innovative, creative and one of a kind balloon designs for your next celebration.

The Future is ours. Let's Celebrate!

for your future events.


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