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More Balloon Magic in 2018

It's a New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm so excited for this New Year. My mind has been bursting at the seams with new ideas, designs and promotions to offer.

The magic of the new year is like the magic of balloons; they never get old. With the new year comes new opportunities to try new things, reinvent some old things and challenge ourselves in new dimensions. This is also true in the world of balloons. Balloons are much more than bouquets and simple arches. Balloon designs are as complex as 50 foot sculptures or a 25,000 balloon drop.

The fascinating thing about balloon designs is the fact that they can be as expressive and individualized as we are. Mix up the colors, and styles of balloons and it's an all new design. Change the height and the dimension and we are headed in a new direction, add embellishments like tulle, confetti, and lights and we have gone to the next level. And, if that's not enough, there's always balloon drops, exploding balloons, and even spinning centerpieces. But to take the balloon world up a notch Qualatex Balloons have introduced a new line of balloons, "The Chrome Balloon".

Chrome Balloons?

Yes, Chrome Balloons. Still made out of the high quality, biodegradable latex we have come to love. These new balloons are vibrant and bold just like you envision chrome to be. The shine and shimmer on these balloons can not be denied. The new Qualatex balloons are opulent. They are quaranteed to take your event to new heights. So, be excited about this new year, this opportunity to be a new you, to reinvent something's and take your events to the next level with us Celebrations of Life.

Wishing you a great new year and magical and memorable celebrations!

Happy New Year,

Your Balloon Artist

Khadijah Aytch, CBA


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