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New Year, New Name, New Logo-Celebrations West GA

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

New Year, New Name, New logo: same Great Designs, and Service!

Growth is an important part of every ones life, and that includes our business life. As much as we loved being Celebrations of Life, it was time for a new course. As the first Certified Balloon Artist in the West Georgia area with 90% of our events hosted in West Georgia, it is only appropriate, that we became Celebrations West GA.

What does this name change mean?

It means that we are proud and honored to celebrate with the West Georgia community and look forward to creating more magical and memorable celebrations. Does our love for West Georgia mean we do not celebrate with others? NEVER...... at Celebrations West GA we love all people and all celebrations. So, if there is a road that leads from us to you - Party on!

We would like to thank all our celebrators for sharing this journey with us and your special moments. We look forward to creating more magical and memorable celebrations with you.

Celebrations West GA proudly providing balloons in West GA and beyond.


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